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The Azanite® sheet

MATERICAis the latest generation of exterior cladding sheetmade of Azanite®, an innovative material based on acrylic resins developed by our research laboratories, ideal for ventilated facades.

With its smooth, even surface, it meets the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, functionality and performance, offering multiple advantages over conventional materials.Used for ventilated facades, it protects the entire building, providing a high degree of thermal insulation and thus reducing the energy requirement for air conditioning.

Technology and durability

Lightweight and resistant, MATERICAis an inert material, not subject to deformation or expansion.Based on an exclusive formulation and produced with advanced technologies, it hasextraordinary technical characteristics

Fireproof and scratchproof, it resists the corrosive action of salt and is insensitive to UVA, UVB and UVC rays, guaranteeing colour stability over time.

When subjected to thermal stress, it acquires additional mechanical strength.Maintenance-free, it is easy to clean and even allows the removal of graffiti damage without leaving any traces.

Flexible and resistant

MATERICAis a unique material: it resists low and high temperatures, exposure to weathering and UV radiation, which is particularly important when the façade is exposed to intense levels of sunlight.

Available in sheets of various thicknesses, it is easy to machined and can be transformed into an infinite variety of shapes without visible joints.It is easy to install, as it is available in sheets that are compatible with the main fixing systems on themarket.

Ideal for ventilated facades

From idea to form

MATERICA panels are arranged for installation using the best anchoring systems on the market, in both concealed or exposed fasteners versions.

The modular system offers the possibility to quickly create highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing ventilated facades.

The ventilated facade

The ventilated façade is one of the most effective external cladding technologies for protecting against moisture and weathering and for improving thermal and acoustic insulation.

The external cladding protects the masonry from weathering, keeping it dry and eliminating the risk of detachment and infiltration.

Ventilated rear cladding

The design principle is to screen out rainwater.
As the panel joints are not sealed, small amounts of water could enter the cavity behind the panel.
The cavity is ventilated by ventilation gaps at the bottom and top so that moisture evaporates naturally thanks to thermal action.

1 External cladding
MATERICA panels are fixed by open or closed hooking systems, flush, embossed or with special single-component polyurethane resin.
2 Ventilation gap
Interspace between the wall and the panel for façade ventilation.
3 Anchorage frame
Made of metal, it supports the cladding panel, counteracting the force of gravity and wind load.
4 Thermal insulation layer
To increase the thermal insulation capacity of the external wall.
5 Original wall
Made of brick, concrete, wood.

External infill and internal coatings for lift

Shaft structures for interiors and exteriors

The resistance to corrosion and humidity of Materica panels, which makes them waterproof and scratch-resistant, is ideal in the case of coatings for metal frames to be installed indoors and outdoors.

The cladding made with Materica modular system resists any atmospheric condition, even the most extreme, while maintaining maximum thermal comfort inside the compartment, in summer and winter.

Car walls for lifts

Non-deformable and resistant, but also light. Materica coating responds to the main characteristics required to cover the cabin walls inside the lifts.

The innovative material, extremely thin and high-performance, stands out for its proven fire-retardant features that allow it to meet the safety requirements imposed by industry regulations, requires no maintenance, is fully customizable and remains unchanged over time.

Main advantages of Materica for lifts:

  • Does not require maintenance
  • Customizable
  • Hygienic
  • Light
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Insulator

Find your color

MATERICAoffers extreme freedom of composition thanks to a wide range of standard colours, suitable for many architectural contexts with a pleasant visual effect. They can be further customised by choosing between a satin or glossy finish. Additionalcolours and effects are available on request, in a variety of shades from neutral to bright. The exclusive production technique makes it possible to obtain infinite possibilities of nuances, from white to full colour, up to hyper-realistic textures of stones, marbles, granulates and veins.

Intense Black

Nero Intenso

Graphite Grey

Grigio Grafite


Pearl Grey

Grigio Perla

White Ceramic

Dark Brown

Walnut Brown


Type of sheet

Size and shape

Produced from special synthetic monomers through a mould casting process, it comes in sheets of extraordinary quality and purity, with perfect finishes and natural colour rendering.

Standard panels are available in sizes 700×1000, 700×2000mm, and cut to size in a wide range of sizes up to 2100×1500mm, with thicknesses of 6, 8, 10, 12 mm.

MATERICA panels comply with fire regulations and are certified Class B-S3-d0, in accordance with European Commission Decision 2000/147/EC of 08/02/2000; they comply with the Environmental Criteria for Sustainable Construction (CAM).

MATERICA can be thermoformed into angular and curved shapes of various widths: angular, curved and bevelled profiles that offer a high degree of freedom in architectural composition.

The high degree of finish of the panels, which are already prepared for coupling with the frames, makes it possible to obtain precise installations, fitting perfectly without visible joints to edges and frames.

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