PoliMi investigates MATERICA coating

The famous University in Milan continues its research activity on the performance of coatings made by AGS by implementing innovative stress test techniques.

AGS, in agreement with the Politecnico di Milano, has renewed the research activity with the exact goal of evaluating the performance of its facade cladding panels made of MATERICA . The research includes the study of the performance of the coating solution under a mechanical and thermal, aesthetic and functional point of view. As part of the research, further experimental investigations are planned to qualify the MATERICA material in Azanite® and the entire coating solution with reference to the main loads expected in the useful life of the panel (wind, shocks and concentrated forces) both in standard conditions and in hostile climatic conditions such as following freeze / thaw cycles. The research also plans to analyze the behavior of MATERICA in case of direct and synergistic exposure to the combined action of solar radiation, humidity and heat.

The process involves the study of the AGS product line by a multidisciplinary working group. Professor Matteo Colombo, on one hand with his team is carrying out tests to verify the mechanical performance. Professor Graziano Salvalai instead focused on the analysis of the thermal / energetic part. The team at Politecnico has already been able to ascertain some exceptional properties of the Materica panel, such as its high water impermeability and the significant resistance to wind (up to 10 times higher than the "reference kinetic pressure" maximum required by the standard for Italian territory).

In order to carry out these studies, the innovative and experimental analysis methodologies developed within the European project MEZeroE are being used in part and are being developed at the Materials and Structures laboratory and the experimental prototype Building Energy Efficiency Pilot in phase of construction at the Territorial Center in Lecco. The interaction of these working groups and the related infrastructures and instruments will create a real test-chain for the performance characterization of efficient solutions for verifying the relative well-being and safety requirements of envelope solutions.

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